5 Reasons Why Wakefitis One of the Best Mattress Brands in India

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Though being one of the vital life functions, we often give lesser importance to our sleep compared to food and exercise. But, as revealed by scientific researchers, sleep deprivation can greatly drag you closer to death instead of food deprivation. Well, this is extremely scary, isn’t it? So, just bring a quick change to your daily routine and ensure that you get ample sleep to stay healthy. However, if you face a consistent problem of poor sleep, then try buying a quality best mattress.

The task of buying a mattress might end up becoming too burdensome. So, having fair knowledge on the factors to consider and what are the reputed brands presently to look for is important. In this context, Wakefit is one of the top popular choices you should eye on. This is because it has emerged as one of the most premier mattress companies over the past few years.

Being an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company, Wakefit is a top-rated mattress brand in India. They have an incredible product range focussing on the diverse needs of customers. Notably, the Wakefit memory foam mattress is popularly known as the best orthopaedic mattress available in the country. And all credit goes to its wide array of unbelievable features and functionality.

With a range of exclusively designed mattresses, pillows, cushions, comforters and other bedding essentials, it offers a complete shopping experience. While deploying high-end technology driven by a team of talented people, they strive to serve their customers with the best of value and introduce newer and better innovations. What it presents to us is an amalgamation of a robust quality and classy design at an unbelievable mattress price range.

Now, let us focus on the prime reasons that compels millions of Indians to opt for Wakefit products.

Differential pressure zone layer

The highly efficient workforce of Wakefit has detailed knowledge on what should be the ideal position of your spine.And with this, they ensure that your body weight gets distributed evenly all across the total area of the bed. This ensures that your spine remains well-aligned so that you do not wake up with any type of back pain or strain.

To dive deeper, your body usually does not stay straight when you sleep and forms its natural ‘S’ shape. In case the mattress in which you sleep is too hard, then the shoulders and hips will get pushed up. This further changes the natural position of your spine.It leads you to suffer from severe back problems if you cannot remain in that position for the entire time. Now if you sleep in the same position to keep your spine well-aligned, then it might lead to restless sleep.

On the contrary, if you choose a mattress which is too soft, then your body will completely sink in it. This will further result in displacement of your spine alignment. Understanding this, Wakefit develops a mattress that reflects the potential to offer the smartest solution. It comes with the ability to adjust as per body shape, offering appropriate spine alignment and supporting your shoulders, hips, back and neck. This is the reason it enjoys wide popularity as the best orthopaedic mattress in India so far.

Extraordinary Comfort

Another attribute that sets it apart from its competitors is the level of comfort it offers. Wakefit mattresses host great potential in offering pressure relief and so, it adjusts as per your body’s shape and contour. In case the mattress is too soft or too firm, it can result in pressure joints thereby decreasing the level of blood circulation. This causes further discomfort and disturbance during sleep. Due to insufficient sleep all night, you will end up feeling extremely weak and tired. Thus, buying a premium quality mattress by Wakefit can safeguard your interest right, offering you peaceful and calm sleep.

Motion isolation

For people who share their beds with partners, the feature of motion isolation can be of great help. What it does is simply isolating the motion so that it does not get transferred any further. This means, even if your partner gets out of the bed or tosses and turns in it, your sleep will not face any type of disturbance.

Temperature neutrality

People often complain about facing issues related to heat retention of their mattresses. Ensuring the mattress price to be budget friendly, Wakefit manufactures top-quality mattresses with the power of reducing heat to help you sleep comfortably all night. So, always try investing in these types of high-end products to ensure your money has not been wasted.

100 Nights Trial

Only a trustworthy corporate like Wakefit can commit its customers with such confidence. Yes, this company equips its customers with the ultimate opportunity to try the product well.So, you get a chance to evaluate the product and understand whether it is worth the money or not. While offering totally risk-free returns, it ensures customers complete reliability and excellent product quality.

Wakefit enjoys a great level of credibility and customer loyalty as one of the major mattress companies in India. So, next time you try replacing your old mattress or purchase a new mattress, Wakefit is the brand to choose.  

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