Find Out the Top 5 Mattresses For Baby

Top Mattress for Baby

Congratulations on becoming parents! It’s an emotion that is hard to describe. Your first thoughts would centre around the well-being of your baby, which would include the right food, care, and of course, sleep! Newborn babies cannot use mattresses for adults, so keep that in mind when you buy mattress online. There are certain pointers to be considered while selecting the best mattresses for baby.

Choosing the Right Mattress For Your Baby

1. Firm Mattresses are Better

When it comes to your baby’s safety, a firm mattress is a better choice. If the mattress is soft, your baby is at risk of suffocation. You could use a double-sided mattress for babies that would be compatible with your baby’s bed. 

2. Compare and Buy

Do your research! Compare mattress offers before you make a decision. Choose from the best foam mattress, innerspring or organic types offered by the mattress companies in India. Organic mattresses are chemical-free and will protect your baby’s health. 

Mattress for baby

3. Right Size Matters

The mattress should be such that it fits perfectly into the crib. If there is more than a 2-finger space between the mattress and the crib, your baby could suffer an injury getting trapped in the space. 

To minimize risk, take the measurements of your baby’s crib before buying a mattress.

4. Recognized Brands

The top mattress brands will offer you the best quality and warranty for their mattress. This is more important than the foam mattress price. Your baby’s health is more important than an expensive mattress.

5. Mattress Protection

Don’t forget a water-resistant cover for protecting your baby from diaper problems! These covers are important for organic mattresses which, in most cases, are not water-resistant. 

The Best Mattress Brands for Your Baby

Now that you know what to look for when buying a mattress for your baby, its time to find out the best options. 

Your top 5 best Brang of Mattresses For Baby are:

1. Sleepycat

The Mattresses For Baby uses waterproof terry-cotton fabric, has natural cooling, is anti-microbial, has a washable zipper cover, and has natural latex. 

2. Wakefit

This is a dual comfort mattress with soft and high-resilience foam. It has a non-removal fixed cover and hypoallergenic. It uses high GSM spun polyester fabric and comes with a 7-year warranty. 

3. Eclipse International

This is a Bonnell-spring mattress that takes care of your baby’s spine. The top of the mattress has a multi-layer soft quilt to ensure your baby has a perfect night’s sleep. It is anti-microbial and well-ventilated.

4. Springtek

This mattress uses QGEL technology and is breathable. It is non-toxic due to the use of polyurethane foam. Your baby has no breathing problems in any position. 

5. HoneyTouch:

This mattress is firm and is meant for babies who are extremely active. It also helps protect the spine. It is an orthopaedic pro memory foam mattress.

Let Your Baby Sleep Right

Your baby’s health depends a lot on the quality of sleep. It is, therefore, important to choose the best mattress online so that your baby sleeps safely and peacefully!

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