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If sleep is a human being’s best friend, the mattress is sleep’s best friend. There are actually many factors that influence the sleep cycle, schedule and quality that one experiences. Some of these factors include the right diet, a proper and disciplined routine, the ideal mattress etc. As much as we all have an awareness of what constitutes a good diet as well as how to maintain a good routine, we do not know much about the right mattress to sleep on. While an inferior quality mattress saves a few precious bucks, it leads to multiple complications like insomnia, spine problems, and stress due to lack of sleep. 

Buying a mattress from the best mattress brand online assures a sound sleep, and therefore, complete peace of mind. 

This blog gives you complete mastery over the best foam mattresses available online at a cheap price.

Why Foam Mattress?

A foam mattress has recently shot to popularity because of various reasons. 

  • First, foam mattresses are recommended by orthopedic specialists for treating back pain.
  • Second, it adjusts itself according to the bodyweight of the people sleeping on it.
  • Third, it helps to reduce joint pains.
  • Fourth, foam mattresses of best mattress brands are dust and termite resistant.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying the Best Mattress in 2020

1. Mattress Feel

A medium-firm mattress works best for people with back pain; it is the ideal mattress for back pain. Firm or squishy mattresses do not provide the required comfort and hence, can do more harm to your spine than good.

2. Cover Material

The cover fabric plays a major role in retaining the longevity of a mattress. Try to choose a mattress with a high GSM polyester fabric cover, as it tends to be denser and provides better cushioning to the mattress.

3. Cover Type

Although a foam mattress is naturally resistant to dust, you must wash the cover at periodic intervals. A high GSM zippered removable cover is easy to take out and wash.

4. Mattress Material

Gone are the days when a memory foam mattress would sink the moment you lied on it.

The best mattress in 2020 has all of the following materials, in its different layers, to guarantee peace of mind and comfortable sleep, night after night.

i. High Resilience Foam Base for strong support;

ii. Memory Foam for body contouring;

iii. Open Cell CoolFit Foam, to keep the mattress cool and breathable; and

iv. Transition Foam for spinal alignment.

5. Mattress Thickness

Before buying a mattress online, check its thickness. 

If the load your mattress would take is more than 80kgs, choose a mattress with 8 inches thickness.

If, however, you are sure that your mattress will never take a load beyond 80kgs, you may opt for a thickness of 6 inches.

How to Find the Best Foam Mattress Online

Now that you know the things you require to choose the best mattress brand go ahead and browse a few websites of reputed furniture makers. Or, we can give you an easy way out.

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