Top 4 Mattress Types To Invest In This Summer

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Falling asleep in the sticky heat of summer is no easy task. When the temperature is soaring already, the last thing you need is an uncomfortably hot mattress that can make peaceful sleep a thing of your dreams. And without a good night’s rest, you are sure to feel tired and drowsy the whole day. If your last summer was this uncomfortable, you might be considering buying a new mattress types to make your future summers cosy and pleasant.

And when considering to buy a mattress, online shopping might be a great way to go about your hunt for good sleep. But with a huge variety of options for the best mattress for sleeping available on the internet, allow us to nudge you in the right direction. 

We have compiled a list of four best mattress Types that you can invest in for your summer sleep satisfaction.

1. Memory Foam Mattress

In recent years, memory foam has become one of the most favoured materials used in the best orthopaedic mattresses. They are great for alleviating back pain and spinal discomfort. 

Most of these mattress brands, such as Wakefit, also have temperature flexibility in their mattresses, allowing them to remain cool and comfortable. For maximum comfort, choose a memory foam mattress that uses the material in the middle layer.

2. Latex Foam Mattress

Latex Foam Mattresses are expensive but has an ability to conduct heat, making it one of the top choices for the best mattress for sleeping during summer. The material used is natural and is adaptable to the shape of your body. 

Additionally, it does not get too hot or too cold with the temperature outside. It is also good for your backaches and pain. Moreover, they have great movement isolation power making them an easy choice for couples.

3. Polyurethane (PU) Foam Mattress

A close cousin of the memory foam mattress, this is one of the cheapest and best orthopaedic mattress options for summer. Its composition is almost 90% similar to a memory foam mattress, making it equally good for your back.

They are also great as a base material for a mattress because they are lighter and have a longer life. 

4. Coir Mattress

An Indian favourite, most of us grew up with coir mattresses at home. These hybrid versions of the coir mattress are great for back support. Also, they don’t get unreasonably hot or cold with the weather and could be a good choice. 

However, coir mattresses can be quite hard compared to other types of mattresses. The nail in the coffin that forces us to take them out from the race of being the best mattress for sleeping is their low durability. Coir mattresses often start sagging within 2-4 years, making them almost a bad investment.

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In Conclusion

The memory foam and latex foam mattresses are easily the best orthopaedic mattress options for summer, along with being extremely cosy to sleep in. If you are interested, you can buy mattresses online and find the best one to spend your summer with. 

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